why rockabilly?

What makes our Rockabilly's soooooo special? FUN!!!

The Rockabilly Kids aims to make the lives of mothers and fathers easier by providing a toothbrush that children actually want to use. Watching my aunt reduced to tears as she chased round my cousin round the house, oral b in hand was, although comical, painful to watch; and resultantly sparked my interest for doing something about it. I hope you agree that our brush is something utterly unique in an otherwise quite stagnant market place!


"Probably the world most hygienic toothbrush"

The NSF ( National Science Foundation) in the USA rated the toothbrush holder the 3rd dirtiest item within an average household. They found an average of 30 % more coliform bacteria ( a family relative to both E.Coli and Salmonella ) when compared to a typical toilet seat! The Rockabilly Kids do not require a toothbrush holder as they ' Stand Up ' on their own.

How often have you seen your kiddy just drop their toothbrush willy nilly when they finally finish that 'choice-less' task of cleaning ones teeth! Leaving it on sink edges... dropping it on the floor, you know, in typical contempt, the old fashioned toothbrush gets treated with little respect! Not only are they unlikeltto treat our little fellows quite so nonchalantly but if 'by accident' this does happen… The Rockabilly Kids avoid these germs by always righting itself back up again!!

The Rockabilly Kids is the first in what will hopefully be an expanding and all encompassing range... Fully supporting parents in terms of dental perfection as they bring up their children!

Saving Money and Time

Regardless of what pledge you opt for, 'The Rockabilly Kids' will be saving you both time and money!! The pack contains a whole years brushing in a box.

So parents are getting a unique, 'fun' toothbrush', for less than a traditional brush. That, and for the whole year they never again have to think about re-buying their children their next toothbrush!!!

A good quality children's toothbrush can cost from between £2.00 – £3.00. An average annual cost of between £8 and £12 ( if you take your dentists advice seriously).

A quality Toothbrush

Just because we have made brushing fun, does not mean that we have not taken great care in designing a quality head. Designed on the advice of multiple dentists and hygienists, we concentrated on creating a soft toothbrush head. Too many children and adults alike use hard bristles in the aim of scrubbing those teeth until they reflect the sun! This is very bad for ones gums. All dentists advocate that children should use soft bristles. Therefore, a soft multiple length brush head is what we have created. One that is Approved by dentists!